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UPDATE! Opt-out form available past August.

August is the only month in which the MEA says you can opt out of your membership. Don’t miss your window.

The form below will allow you to opt-out of the MEA. Please enter the requested information and click below to create a letter you can sign and send to your union to exercise your rights. Sending this letter to the MEA headquarters in East Lansing by certified mail is best. The MEA says that this letter must be postmarked during the month of August.

We also recommend sending copies to your school district’s human resources department and your local union president. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@augustoptout.org or by calling 989-698-1907.

Michigan Education Association
1216 Kendale Blvd.
P.O. Box 2573
East Lansing, MI 48826-2573

To whom it may concern:

I am an education employee in school district and I am in the collective bargaining unit of . With this letter, I am seeking to immediately and permanently exercise my rights under Michigan’s right-to-work law. [MCL 423.210] Therefore, I am terminating my membership in the MEA and all of its affiliates and revoking any previous dues authorization, check off, or continuing membership form that I may have signed. I understand that I may rejoin at a later time if I believe that membership is in the best interests of me, my family, and the students at my school.

If my collective bargaining agreement does not allow me to take advantage of my right-to-work rights at this time, then I ask that you accept my resignation from the MEA and all its affiliates and consider me an agency fee payer pursuant to my rights under the Supreme Court Case Abood v. Detroit Board of Education, 431 U.S. 209 (1977) until I am able to fully exercise my rights under right-to-work.

Please be aware that your failure to comply with this request can lead to a civil fine, and/or a court action against you and the payment of my attorney fees.

I ask that you notify me immediately in writing if you are not willing to honor my rights, and provide me with the legal reasons for your refusal.


Signature: _______________________________

, MI




How Much Could Opting Out Save You?

Find out how much you might have at the end of your career if you opted out this summer and invested your dues:

The Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC) has preliminarily ruled that MEA members can opt-out outside the August window. That means you may be able to resign from the MEA outside of August by submitting the form on this page.

However, be advised that the MEA will likely appeal the MERC decision. If an appellate court rules in favor of the window and you don’t send a letter in August, you will likely have to re-submit the form again the following August and may be liable for back dues. Until the case runs its way through the courts, the MEA may possibly reject your resignation outside of August. You can read more about the decision here and come back to AugustOptOut.org for the latest developments or email info@augustoptout.org for more information.

If you choose to submit your resignation outside of the MEA’s August window, we still strongly recommend you do so again during the month of August to protect against any appeal.

All contract information is current as of August 1st 2014. Some contracts may have been amended since then, please consult your contract for the latest information on your right-to-work status.